More Fun With Dirty Dishes

small chefHello, Friends!

However you managed to arrive at this spot, you’re going to have a blast! The Dump and Pour Chef has decided to re-invent dinner…this time it’s going to be KIDS cooking, and grown-ups having more fun than they’ve ever experienced before in the kitchen.

We know that families are stretched and pulled in so many different directions–after school activities, sports, appointments and overtime work. There’s no time to cook! There’s no time together! Let’s fix that with “The Dump and Pour Cookbook Cooks with Kids!” It’s a cartoon cookbook for kids, in eBook form. Pre-order now for $10.95 to:

Our first book in the series introduces The Chef herself, who is quite unconventional and a little off-center. She gives you the freedom to stop measuring anything in the usual way. In fact, she says to “throw your recipes out the window,” and follow her. If you don’t have one or two of the suggested ingredients, no problem. Just substitute what you do have on hand. No worries. Every time you mix and fix with The Chef, your meal will be different and delicious.

On these pages The Chef will reveal how you can have More Fun With Dirty Dishes by cooking your meal in with the dishes–in the dishwasher, that is. If you’re very brave (and what kid isn’t?) you can put the dishes and soap in and push start! Your meal will be ready when the heat/drying cycle is over. For the doubters, you can skip the dirty dishes and soap (but just once)!

For a great snack, who could pass up “Elephant and Monkey Chow” or “Ants on a Log”? Who wouldn’t want a bowl of hearty “Kitchen Sink Soup”? And, who could resist “Chicken Fingers” (even though chickens don’t have fingers–at least not on our ranch)?

The Chef has arrived! Come along and enjoy the ride.


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