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Featuring, “The Dump and Pour Chef,” who is just a bit off center.

How would you like to throw your recipes out the window when it comes time to cook, and just ad lib? Are your plastic measuring cups sticky from lingering in the back of the “kitchen tools” drawer? Do your kids prefer fast food to fresh home-made foods? Do they rush out the door just as you remove a roast from the oven? Have you lost the time in “quality family time”?

Suffer no more! The Chef’s first cookbook is going to bring the kids into the kitchen and tickle your funnybone. You’ll have a whopping good time putting some strange-sounding concoctions together that actually taste very good. No more boxed noodle casseroles, with preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. Everything The Chef uses promotes healthy eating habits, with less sugar, salt and fat, and more fresh foods–even spinach!

Are yesterday’s dishes still in the sink? Load them up in the dishwasher, add soap and a casserole, “Double Dare Dishwasher Spinach Lasagna” to be exact. Yes. The Chef said that’s okay. For the brave kid who wants to gross out the family. And the family that really wants to have more fun, quality family time together.

Pre-order our first book in the series, “The Dump and Pour Chef Cooks With Kids,” for just $10.95 at:  thedumpandpourchef@hotmail.com

You will be laughing until dessert. Promise. small chef

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