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Not a Brag, a BHAG

The Dump and Pour Chef Dream BIG, don’t Brag, Create your own BHAG!

With gratitude and full credit to the man who said it first, Pastor Dee F. Duke, of Jefferson Baptist Church, Oregon: BHAG means Big Hairy Audacious Goal. In the 16 years since I first heard the expression, a few other people have used it most appropriately in their writings. 

The character of The Dump and Pour Chef is, indeed, bold. (She is bolder, but I am older.)  When creativity is given full reign and not squelched, dreams grow amazingly large and grand. The Chef has become a symbol of possibilities unending, freedom and celebration.

We celebrate the joy of writing and publishing after age 65. We celebrate the freedom to ad lib in our kitchens, changing or omitting ingredients as refrigerator and pantry stores ebb and flow. We celebrate the Spirit that gave us gifts to share with the world. The Chef and I want to live our mission: Rainwater Harvesting for Africa, with 50% of the profit from eBooks committed to jumpstart the project.

BHAG explained:  The Chef wants to become a household name! A brand you can trust to tickle your funny bone! Set your inner chef free! “The Dump and Pour Chef Cooks with Kids” eBook is the first in a series of titles, each of which will focus on an aspect of cooking and eating, digesting or not, allergies, substitutions, flavor preferences and cultural styles (not necessarily in that order). Chef wants to translate the books and reprint in several languages. To reach the broadest audience possible, formats will include eBooks, talking books, soft cover and hardcover and anything new that comes down the pike.

Our character wants to see her logo on everything kitchen and dining…boutique chef hats and aprons (the first order sold out in three days!), hot mitts, trivets, towels; pots, pans and bake ware; table linens, runners, center pieces.

Videos, videos demonstrating the casual “Chef Way” of cooking will be on YouTube. You must know this means KIDS will be in the lead, trusting as they do, that it’s not the recipe that makes the meal, it’s LOVE, cooking and eating shared with family and friends. While watching the videos, kids and adults will be wearing their own Dump and Pour Chef hats, aprons and tee shirts, emblazoned with the motto: “Throw Your Recipes Out the Window!”

As The Chef’s character deepens and develops, she wants her own television cartoon series, much like “The Simpsons,” and a little like “The Magic School Bus,” added to the children’s book series, “Amelia Bedelia.”  A Prep Chef, “Mona”, is joining the line up, reflective of my real-life sister-in-law who is a disabled, minority adult. She’s a woman of many talents who flourishes with encouragement. A third “back of the house” staff member is either a Soup Chef or Sauce Chef.

We will sell everything at our online store, Amazon, eBay and more. Then we’ll take our show on the road to cities I want to visit with my large family, filling auditoriums (auditoria?) for full-on live cooking opportunities with the added sensory stimulation of  sizzle and tastings. Free gifts, door prizes galore,  including fully-cooked meals from stage, large-value coupons or discounts for our brand products will fill shopping bags for all participants to take home.

And wait, there’s more! But we have run out of time, certainly not ideas. You too can let your imagination free to create and become the life you truly want to live. Blessings.